About Us

The College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Computer Studies aims to instill Quality Catholic Education, which is Community Oriented through innovative curricular and co-curricular schemes that provide enriched general education. The Institutes’ approach is based on a holistic integration that blends the arts and sciences, during the first two years and varied major fields of studies in the junior and senior years. Its courses emphasize a curriculum geared towards the attainment of professional excellence with emphasis on the diversity and richness of the different sectors of Philippine business and industry. The institute also gears its program to the realization of the student’s needs for international and local business experience.

Course practicum and on the job training programs link the students to various institutions in the business community. They are vital academic programs used by the institute to prepare its graduates for responsible positions in their career paths.
The College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Computer Studies prepares young men and women to achieve their maximum potentials in the fields of Accountancy, Business Management, Computer Science, Financial Managerial Accounting, Marketing & Legal Management.

College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Computer Studies curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings aim to:

  • Prepare its students to be responsible citizens by developing their business knowledge skills according to the Augustinian – Recollects’ vision of productive life.
  • Assist students to achieve responsible leadership and social commitment based on the Catholic Christian principles and the Augustinian Recollect ideals
  • Become a certified public accountant, or business entrepreneur, or academician, or manager, or computer scientist who uses his values, ethics and trainings as a Christian and a Catholic.
  • Acquire a micro and macro perspective of the socio-economic needs of his community, his country and the world;Learn to apply his proficiency in scientific and critical thinking in business administration and management through research methodologies.
  • To expose and educate students with current industry trends through proper training and seminar workshops in their major fields of studies.
  • To inculcate the values of professionalism, integrity and dignity of human persons to form improved intra-and personal skills necessary I the practice of one’s chosen field of specialization.
  • To mold a total person’s attitudes on camaraderie and teamwork, cooperation, honesty, patience and perseverance through laboratory activities and on the job training.
  • Be instrumental in deriving innovations to the body of commercial science knowledge that contributes diversity to the upliftment of the economic state of his fellowmen.
  • Prepare for further studies in the filed of law, graduate studies in business management, public administration, financial management, and economics and business entrepreneurship.